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.: What is Codester?
The idea behind Codester is simple. Provide a free source code and document sharing application that uses a P2P (peer 2 peer - see http://www.openp2p.com) network protocol. (it works similar to Napster)
The feature rich cross platform client/server application's primary focus will be a private version controlled repository for source code, projects and documents, from which to make your source code, projects and documents available to the network, to allow other users to download and peruse your published works.
The server application will be the link that connects the clients on the network. The server application will not host the published source code and documents **. The server will only index what clients have published. The server will also be used to administrate and manage the network.
O, yeah, both the client and server applications can be deployed in a corporate environment. To be used as the corporate source repository and knowledge base. Every thing that gets added to Codester will have one of three privacy settings.
1. Private (will not be available on the network or the internet)
2. Friends (available to users that belong to groups that you set up. You can define more than one group)
3. Public (available to the whole network and the internet)

** On a corporate network, published source and documents can be hosted on the server.

.: Sounds great, where do I get it?
Codester is still in development. Well, still in the design phase, really. Go to the [Project summary] page on Source Forge for more (and the latest) information. This is also where the latest version of the client and server applications will be made available. You can also subscribe to the announcements e-mail list.
.: Right then, can I help?
Yes! That's what Open Source is all about! Send me an e-mail at corneo@users.sourceforge.net and tell me a bit about yourself, your skills, your experience, and what you would like to help with. Ideas and comments are always welcome.
.: Links :
 1. [Project summary] - Codester project summary page on Source Forge. Go here for up to date information.
 2. [Public Voice] - Public discussion forum. Voice your opinion. Let me your thoughts.
.: Mailing lists :
 1. [announce list] - new version announcements and other important news.
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